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ReVanced Extended was developed by inotia00, who also contributes to the original YouTube project Vanced. It is similar to ReVanced, but lighter and has certain distinguishing differences.
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What is the YouTube ReVanced APK?

Youtube Revanced APK is a free custom YouTube client that aims to replace the discontinued YouTube Vanced by providing users with similar app features and other additional modes. It also consists of ReVanced Music, which allows users to stream their ideal music genre with all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium. However, the ReVanced APK is currently in its birth stages and is not available as an APK but as a builder that allows you to create your own app.

Download YouTube ReVanced APK and Magisk Module for Android

YouTube ReVanced is packed with features, most of which are similar to its predecessor, YouTube Vanced. You can play music in the background while browsing other apps, return YouTube dislike counts that have been removed from the platform, adjust your own playback speed, disable ads, and remove sponsored segments, among other cool features.

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It can be used as a secondary YouTube channel.

Like YouTube Vanced, you can download ReVanced as a secondary YouTube on your Android device, unless you prefer to uninstall the original version. The advantage of this feature for users is that, if necessary, they can go back to the previous version to find the new ReVanced application, but without closing it.

Since the official ReVanced APK is not available yet, some people are speculating about its compatibility with the original YouTube app.

 Disabled Ads

ReVanced allows users to disable general ads and video ads on the platform so that they can watch the content without interruptions. This easily translates into a better user experience with the app via convenient and seamless streaming. I am aware of the important role these ads play, especially for the content creators I follow.

However, I can’t help but get angry every time I have to watch an unskippable video ad just to play my video.

Custom Brand

You can now change the YouTube launcher icon and name of your choice in the ReVanced app. Custom branding redefines open source customization by giving users full control over the interface, allowing them to create their favorite platform. This feature also makes you feel proud of the changes you’ve made and want to open the app every time to see your own creation.

Works On Both Root And Non-Root Devices

By following a few simple steps, you can install YouTube ReVanced on both root and non-root devices. Still, many Android users abandoned the idea of creating their own ReVanced APK the moment they realized the official app wasn’t available yet.

You can’t blame them: extracting these files and creating your own app doesn’t seem like much fun, especially if you’re used to downloading and installing the APK directly.

Supports MicroG

MicroG allowed you to sign into your Google account and access all your YouTube Vanced preferences, and now it does the same with YouTube ReVanced. This feature will benefit users who are continuing with their ReVanced version and want to access all their accounts, channels, videos they like, or content from their favorite YouTube creator without using the original app. You’ll still need to build ReVanced and download MicroG separately, as the YouTube alternative hasn’t been released as an APK that you can install directly from MicroG.

Premium Title

Premium branding for YouTube Premium users appears in the ReVanced app for an authentic look. The benefit for users is that no one can distinguish between ReVanced and the original YouTube Premium subscription unless you adjust the branding on the homepage. You can also choose to hide the original YouTube app and use ReVanced instead, which gives you full access to all the premium features.

Remove Entire Screen Panels

This feature allows you to disable the full-screen video description and commentary panel. This feature benefits users who want to view content without any panel functions or settings appearing during the video. This allows users to stream uninterruptedly and completely on the platform.

Auto-repeat Repeat default

You can now set videos to automatically repeat by default every time they end. This saves users the hassle of picking up their phone and manually restarting videos. And as long as you enjoy good music while doing other tasks, you don’t have to put your tasks aside to listen to the song again.

Hide watermark from creator

A branded watermark allows creators to add a logo to all videos on their channel. YouTube ReVanced APK allows you to automatically hide this mark on all videos, so you can watch all content without the logo overlapping. Users can view all unbranded content and get a complete view of the video. Still, these watermarks provide brand recognition and prevent video theft, where one creator’s videos are stolen and passed off as someone else’s project.

Sponsor Block

YouTube ReVanced lets you skip sponsored segments in any video on the platform. This feature helps reduce time waste by showing recommendations, sponsorships, subscription requests, and more before the relevant content begins. Sponsored segments help promote the third party’s brand, message, or product without integrating it into the content. However, it takes up some of the video, so it takes up some of the viewer’s streaming time.

Back I Don’t Like It On Youtube

YouTube removed like counts for all videos on its platform in November 2021. This change allowed everyone except content creators to see how many likes a video has. You can undo this change with the YouTube ReVanced APK, which activates the RYD integration to restore the dislike view count. This allows users to understand the audience’s opinion about a video and determine whether it is worth watching.

HDR Auto Brightness

ReVanced can play HDR videos in the auto-brightness mode supported by your device. This mode provides streamers with the best brightness settings for high-dynamic-range videos on the platform, resulting in an optimal streaming experience. Setting the brightness to the most favorable level also protects your eyes from screen glare and prevents fatigue.


ReVanced comes with swipe gestures to increase brightness and volume during full-screen playback. Instead of manually turning up the volume on your phone, you can simply swipe up or down on either side of the screen to change the brightness and volume of your current video. These swipes free up screen space that would otherwise contain clickable UI icons for relevant video functions.


Amoled gives your YouTube ReVanced app an all-black theme, just like the dark mode in the original YouTube APK. The theme consumes less power when displaying dark backgrounds and reduces the light emitted by the device to protect users’ eyes from glare and reduce eye strain.

Quality antique design.

Some people hate change, no matter how small. I don’t blame them because it can be hard to adapt to new changes. As a result, YouTube ReVanced allows you to choose a vintage-quality design on the platform, as long as it is compatible with your device. These options include 240p, 480p, 1080p, 1440p, and more.

Disable Shorts Button

In this mode, you can disable YouTube shorts in your ReVanced APK. YouTube Shorts allows creators to produce content in less time, improving the quality and quantity of uploads. However, I find them addictive because they are always fast and snappy, unlike normal YouTube videos, which makes them more fun. Sometimes I need a break after hours of watching short films like TikTok videos, and this feature is the perfect solution. Now you can explore relevant videos without diverting all your attention to short videos.

Enable Debugging

Sometimes errors cause your apps to lag or cause multiple errors that have knock-on effects, and this feature helps alleviate the problem. With ReVanced APK, debugging is automatically applied to the app and works while streaming to identify relevant errors and work on resolving the issue.

How do I install the ReVanced YouTube APK on Android?

The APK can be installed on any Android device, regardless of whether you have rooted or unrooted Android. However, we only need MicroG to get your Google account.

  1. First, download the MicroG APK file.
  2. Now tap on the MicroG APK file and allow this source option.
  3. Tap the install button, and that’s it.
  4. Download the YouTube ReVanced APK file from above.
  5. Now tap on the APK file.
  6. Tap Install.
  7. Tap Open.

Now go to the account option and sign in with Gmail to get your account in this client.