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Teaching Feeling apk is a visual novel game with NSFW content APK learning to feel is the game of emotions and feelings and how you treat people whether you play with their feelings or help them. you can get this game through download the given link
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In the revised version of Teaching Feeling Android, you get the fix for all the bugs. When you download the updated version, you will find that this game is easy to use. And the gaming experience will be even more amazing if you have a speed upgrade.



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Teaching Feeling apk is an online game for Android. In this game, your main task is to go on adventures. You are in a situation in which you will have a conversation with someone. The game is essentially based on a novel where the main character is a young woman, and you have to help her as a doctor.

In the realm of interactive storytelling and virtual experiences, Teaching Feeling APK emerges as a captivating phenomenon, offering users a unique blend of simulation and emotional engagement. Developed by FreakilyCharming, this Android application has garnered a dedicated following for its immersive gameplay and compelling narrative.

In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the allure of Teaching Feeling APK, from its inception to its standout features, exploring how it has captured the hearts and imaginations of users worldwide.

Teaching Feelings APK

The game comes with pleasure and experiences, as well as a teaching feeling, Sylvie. The only thing you have to do is invert with Sylvie and give the simplest abnormalities. The doctrine of apk Sensation has hundreds of thousands of players and active downloads. The game comes with a realistic approach.

At the start of the war, there were some doctors in a small town. This doctor is single, often focused on work, and does not spend much time worrying. One day, a man also appeared at his house and drove with another girl. He said he was saved for you and wanted to reimburse that child whose phone call was Sylvie. The story starts here.

The Genesis of Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling APK is inspired by the visual novel genre, where players assume the role of a caretaker tasked with nurturing and forming a bond with a young girl named Sylvie. As the protagonist, players navigate a richly detailed narrative filled with choices and consequences, shaping Sylvie’s story and their relationship with her along the way.

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In teaching feelings, your primary role is to aid Sylvie in recovering from the trauma inflicted by her previous owners. The game offers three interactions: talking, rubbing her head, or touching her. Choosing one of these actions leads to various outcomes, with you as the decision-maker. Talking to Sylvie reveals her poor health and the scars of her past torture, highlighting the importance of your guidance. While rubbing her head initially lacks significance, consistent gestures lead to her feeling more secure and smiling. However, the “touch” action introduces potentially darker interactions, marked as 18+. As Sylvie’s teacher, your choices shape her journey, emphasizing your crucial role in her recovery and well-being.

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Ensure Look After

The task when teaching the sensation is to take care of Sylvie, but you also have to maintain your daily life. Work and earn money to cover your needs, Sylvia. She also came more into your life than a slave. She is like a twin soul—a light for your lonely life. Be kind to Sylvie; gradually, your heart will open, and you will have many interesting interactions and cute emotions. Not only that, your life is not just about Sylvie; outside the other city, there are many interesting things and unexpected relationships. Don’t forget to go out and explore them.

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Some Tips That You May Need

Surviving the initial 15 days in Teaching Feeling with Sylvie can be challenging, as many players have tragically lost her due to illness. To navigate these crucial days successfully, it’s imperative to prioritize Sylvie’s well-being and refrain from initiating the “touch” interaction prematurely. Given Sylvie’s inherent vulnerability, providing her with attentive care through actions like speaking to her, gently rubbing her head, and displaying empathy is paramount. By showing genuine interest and compassion, you can encourage Sylvie to open up and trust you.

Seeking guidance from your in-game teacher is also crucial, as they can offer valuable insights into Sylvie’s needs and help gauge your closeness to her. Maintaining an intimacy score above 50 is pivotal, as it indicates a strong connection and increases Sylvie’s chances of survival. Prioritize actions that contribute to raising this score and continue providing Sylvie with attentive care until the 15th day, when she falls ill. If your intimacy score surpasses 50 by this point, promptly administer the appropriate remedy to ensure Sylvie’s well-being and navigate through the initial challenges together.

Features of Teaching Feeling English APK

Teaching Feeling APK is an impactful game; let’s see which features increase the impact!

Two-dimensional images

Some of you may think that the 2D graphics are a step lower compared to other games, but the cutscenes are quite detailed. The graphics are pretty good, with an emphasis on the anime characters.


You can chat with Sylvie, the only other character in the game. All your gestures are visible on the screen, but if you want to ask her something, you can type it, and Sylvie’s answer will be written down for you.

Change lighting with behaviour

When you’re nice to Sylvie, the lights are bright and the day seems happy, but when you treat her cruelly, everything becomes gloomy and dark. This change in lighting is a way for the game to control your emotions and subconsciously teach you to be good!

Relationship Score

During the first fifteen days of the game, you have to take care of Sylvie to keep the relationship score above 50. If the score falls below 50, Sylvie’s illness could get worse, or you could lose her forever!

Impact on everyday life

Players will feel that this game has an impact on their daily lives. If you are good to Sylvie, the game will have a psychological impact on you, and you will also want to be good in your everyday dealings. The Teaching of Feeling is your guide to a better social life and empathy for others. This feature is great and makes this game more powerful than any other app you open in your spare time!

Humanitarian values

The lesson contains humanitarian values based on the laws of feminism and child protection. The image of Sylvie is weak, shy, and can be broken at any time, but tolerance and understanding can help her overcome pain and be the basis of a good life later. In that picture, the manufacturer wants to send players wonderful messages about human rights, the cause and consequence of the law, and many other things in life.

Compelling Narrative and Character Development

At the core of Teaching Feeling APK lies a deeply immersive narrative that unfolds through interactions with Sylvie. Players are drawn into her world, discovering her past, dreams, and fears as they progress through the game. The character development is rich and nuanced, with Sylvie evolving based on the player’s choices, fostering a sense of emotional investment and attachment.

Interactive Gameplay and Decision-Making

Teaching Feeling APK offers players a sense of agency and autonomy through its interactive gameplay mechanics. Every decision, whether big or small, influences the course of the story and the dynamics of the relationship between the player and Sylvie. From everyday activities like cooking and cleaning to more profound conversations and emotional moments, players shape the narrative through their actions and choices.

Stunning Visuals and Artistic Design

Visually, Teaching Feeling APK captivates with its vibrant artwork and attention to detail. The character designs are expressive and endearing, bringing Sylvie and the world around her to life. From serene pastoral scenes to intimate moments of connection, the visuals enhance the immersive experience, drawing players deeper into the story and the emotions it evokes.

Emotional Engagement and Empathy

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Teaching Feeling APK is its ability to evoke genuine emotions and empathy from players. Through the protagonist’s interactions with Sylvie, players experience a range of feelings, from joy and affection to sadness and compassion. The game fosters a sense of connection and intimacy, challenging players to reflect on their own values and relationships in the process.

What Is New in Teaching Feelings APK?

There is nothing special in the game. Some small things have been changed, such as images and expressions.

Procedure To Teach The Teaching By MO Using The Android Device?

You can easily download this game from this publication. The link to the original teaching in APK is given below. Tap the down download on your phone or set the push button if you use a laptop; there is a screen that is exposed to you to discover the unique version of the education of MOT. Only tap in, state unknown sources, and give permission to obtain a full application for your mobile phone. Then you can adjust to this application administration application.

Download Teaching Feeling APK  MOD for Android

  • Tap the file
  • Go to the configuration
  • Open the configuration and search for unknown sources.
  • They allow them and give them the required permissions.
  • Go to the file again and play the file
  • Open it and touch the installation button in the file
  • The installation starts within a few seconds.

The feeling of teaching is like playing a game that is not new but still very attractive. 2D images mixed with creepy colors make players curious as well as create unique characteristics for the game. The feeling of teaching is a new visual game; you can choose everything you want. If you overcome the game, you behave like a lord, but if you just have to satisfy yourself, you know what to do.


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