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Our website has the latest Traffic Racer Mod apk available for Android and IOS. You can get unlimited cash money on your account. Download our Traffic Racer mod for Android and IOS. You can get unlimited cash money on your account. With it, you can unlock all the cars in the game. It unlocks all the cars in the game.
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Traffic Racer Jailbreak

Do you enjoy 3D racing? You have come to the right place, as this article will inform you about one of the most popular racing games: Traffic Racer Jailbreak. This game has some of the best features to take you on the best entertainment ride.

Race game: learn more about it

The player can play this game non-stop and with maximum excitement. He will be able to drive on the highways and experience real traffic. Earning cash will allow you to buy new cars with exciting features.

Driving fast will allow the player to get on the world leaderboards. Traffic Racer lets you race unlimitedly and enjoy the best experience. The graphics in this game are three-dimensional, giving the impression that the game is real. The players will find beautiful scenery on their journey through the canyon.

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The game lets players drive cars without glitches. They can concentrate on the game without paying attention to their car. The players will find the wide variety of cars available in the game the most thrilling. The game offers more than 35 world-class vehicles rated as the best.

Traffic Racer takes place in five distinct natural settings that are clearly defined. The environments include the desert, snowy land, suburbs, and rain. The views will be breath-taking and leave the player in awe. The player will enjoy the visual retreat.


A player can earn more points in this traffic racing game if they drive faster. The player can add more points to their score by increasing the speed. There are also ways to earn bonus points for carefully overtaking another car. The players can win big if they pass a car safely without crashing.

You can drive the opposite way in the two-way game mode and earn more money. This game is full of opportunities for players to earn money and points. He must use the correct strategies.

The game has five modes: Endless mode, Free Ride mode, Time Trial, and Police Chase. All of these modes are extremely exciting and stressful. The player will become addicted to the game.

There are many vehicles in the game that need to appear. These vehicles are designed to make the game more difficult and increase traffic. Non-recreational vehicles include trucks, SUVs, and buses.

Game Features OF Traffic Racer Jailbreak

  1. Traffic Racer Mod is a 3D game with high-quality graphics.
  2. Easy Car Controls: Players can easily control their cars, and the controls are the same as in real life. This gives the game a realistic feel.
  3. There are more than 35 powerful vehicles available to players. They can select the car they want.
  4. The game environment is well-defined: during gameplay, the player can experience five different environments, including suburban areas, snow, rain, and deserts.
  5. Five exciting game modes: Time Trial, Free Ride (Police Chase), Two-Way, and Endless are the five game modes that have been designed for this game. All of them are very exciting and fun to play. Also check out the Hero Factory Mod APK
  6. Traffic Racer’s full mod allows players to drive vehicles with brilliantly designed designs. They include SUVs and rich trucks, as well as buses. They are not playing characters but drive next to the player’s vehicle to create a realistic feel.
  7. The car can be customized to the player’s liking. Players can change the color of their wheels or paint them in their favorite shade.
  8. Online Leaderboard: The leaderboard is online and allows players to compete with other players around the globe.
  9. High Scores With Fast Driving: A player who can drive fast will get a higher score. The speed at which the player drives the car will determine the score.
  10. Bonus points for overtaking another car: The player will earn bonus money and points if he can drive faster than 100 km/h to overtake the competitor.
  11. Driving the opposite way: In this game, the two-way mode allows you to drive the opposite way and earn a lot of money and points.

Download Traffic Racer IPA on iOS.                      

Traffic Racer marks a new milestone in the endless arcade racing craze. Drive your car in highway traffic to earn money. Upgrade your car or buy a new one. Try to become one of the fastest drivers in the world rankings.

Traffic Racer IPA For iPhone

Traffic Racer Mod (Unlimited Money) Drive his powerful, uncontrollable vehicle and visit the most modern and advanced places. Push your bike as far as you can, beat all your enemies, and earn coins that you can use to upgrade your racing car or buy the next generation. Be careful not to crash your car, and be aware of other racers and traffic. This pastime is for all fans of speed and rhythm.

Traffic Racer APK Mod Android

Traffic Racer Apk KEY FEATURES Stunning 3D Portraits Smooth and Easy Vehicle Control 35+ Beautiful Vehicles to Choose From: 5 Activity Modes: Endless (with paint and wheels), Two-way (with time trial), Police Chase, and Free Ride Basic Customization through Paint and Wheels More than 15 beautiful traffic models Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements iOS 7 MFi Controller Support: Multilingual Support