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popular clicker game that will convince you from the first minutes of the game, help you earn your hero's first million, invest money in the revenue-generating business and receive ten times more. Think consciously about the moves and get richer every day, buy expensive villas and accessories. Create your unique and income plans and grow your business. Become the richest of your city, all fan of fun and shooting games.
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Don’t want to spend too much time playing, but still expect some changes when you get back? Don’t worry. With Taps to Riches Mod Apk, you can build your entire business empire on your phone without doing much.

Taps To Riches Mod APK

Feel free to tap and juggle your businesses. Create and update new businesses from the wide variety of options available. Advance to new cities and access new challenges. Collect various bonuses and boosters to further develop your business.

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In the game, players are given a chance to pursue a career as a business tycoon. Starting with a simple fireworks store, a pawn shop, and a few fast food stores, you can turn your business into a multi-million dollar empire if you keep working hard and upgrading the stores properly.
Feel free to explore the different locations in the game where you can access new buildings and new upgrades. Unlock new bizbots and advisors to help run your business by giving you dozens of boosters. In this awesome idle-tap title, rise and prosper to become a great business tycoon.

Feature Taps To Riches Mod APK

Here you will find all the interesting features that the game offers:

Immerse Yourself In The Pleasant Idle Tap Experiences

For the first time, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the addictive and exciting Taps to Riches idle tap game, where you can build your business with simple taps.
Feel free to tap the screens to generate money and gold from your stores, use them to apply new upgrades, and complete certain challenges to advance to the next one. Collect bonuses and boosters to earn more and more money. Keep tapping and tapping until you are the ultimate winner of the game.

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Gain access to new buildings and upgrades as you progress through the following cities:

Most importantly, the game features various buildings that you can access. Every time you can take your business to a new city, plenty of new buildings and upgrades are available that can help you make huge profits.
You can even reach the infinite universe and start building your space business. Unlock new space buildings and bonuses while generating more income than you will ever be able to during your idle adventures on Earth.

Compete With Friends And Players From All Over The World

Those interested in online gaming can also compete with friends and other players worldwide on the exciting leaderboards. Challenge the best players in weekly competitions and get great rewards.

Earn The BizBots For Great Cash Bonuses

And along with the great advisors, the game also offers exciting Bizbots that can help you fulfill your dream of being a business tycoon. Feel free to invest a little bit in upgrading your BizBots so they can help you make more money with every tap. You will be amazed at how much money you can earn with these simple upgrades.

Unlock dozens of different advisors for new reinforcements
And speaking of bonuses, the game also has hundreds of different advisors that you can hire to help you with your deals. Since they each have their own unique perks, you can choose from various boost options. Not to mention that higher-level advisors will also provide much more effective boosts compared to lower-level ones.
free to play
Despite having great gameplay and features, Taps to Riches is still free for all Android gamers. You can easily download it on your devices without paying anything. However, in-app purchases and some annoying ads can still annoy you.

Complete Tons Of in-Game Achievements To Unlock Unique Rewards

For some special rewards, the game also offers various achievements that you can collect and enjoy whenever you want. Feel free to unlock awesome rewards as you take on this frenetic tapping challenge. And sometimes the big achievements can even unlock special trophies

Visual And Sound Quality


The game features simple and cartoonish graphics, making it suitable for players of all ages. Moreover, the undemanding graphics make the game extremely playable on your mobile devices.

Super Sound

While it doesn’t have a surprisingly good soundtrack, the game still offers great sound effects that let you fully engage with idle game challenges. Enjoy some quality time as you move coins up and down in your storage.