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Bennett Foddy is mentioned in the title. He also is in charge of QWOP, a runner game that's also challenging to play. The character's buttons give the game its name. In this project, you control a strange man swinging a hammer in a cauldron. He uses the hammer to hold on to a high and strange mountain.
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Getting Over It Mod Menu

Getting Over It Mod Menu Bennett Foddy is not a game for the faint of heart. He laughs, taunts the player, and literally steals everything in the blink of an eye, driving him insane. Gamers keep buying it, recording videos, and streaming them on it.
Bennett Foddy is mentioned in the title. He is also in charge of QWOP, a running game that’s also challenging to play. The character’s buttons give the game its name. In this project, you control a strange man swinging a hammer in a cauldron. He uses the hammer to hold on to a high and strange mountain.

Characteristics Getting Over It Mod Menu

Its main feature is the ability to lose all progress at some point and start over. There are many funky ledges and cliffs that add to the game. In addition to philosophical monologues by Bennett himself, the general picture includes attempts to move forward despite failures.


Besides the interesting gameplay of Big Stone, players also enjoy great background music. In every game, the sound excites you. Especially sarcastic statements look very funny if you accidentally fall from the mountainside. However, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off if you don’t want to listen. Live sound constantly resonates with extreme realism. Furthermore, the interface here is also constructed with smooth and soft color tones. Finally, the game offers fun gameplay that makes players more excited.

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What Do You Know About the Gaming Experience?

With Getting Over It, gamers take on the role of a character perched precariously atop a cauldron, wielding only a hammer. This tricky task requires careful and deliberate movements to climb up the mountain, as any wrong move will send your avatar crashing down to the start, often inducing anger and frustration in players

Doesn’t Save, Just Reboot

In contrast to many other games, Getting Over It has a backtracking mechanism that prevents it from saving. The entire game is not a series of short levels or locations, but one big world. Upon falling, the player has to fly past ledges, trees, and other familiar objects, which are so hard to reach.
If the hero falls, he does not break but continues on his path. The man in the cauldron has fallen from above and now has to climb back up. This isn’t a new life or a new attempt; it’s the continuation of the same exhausting path. Feel a completely different, more difficult emotional experience. As with multi-shooters, there’s no time for the player to catch their breath.

Don’t Explode With Anger

Don’t let your rage get the best of you! If you’ve already experienced this game on PC, you can now see it in a whole new light by playing it with a touch screen. Gone are the days of throwing up your hands and blaming the mouse, joystick, or universe for any missteps. Take control of the cauldron-bound character straight from your phone’s screen and test out different tactics to nail each move. Unfortunately, half a jump too far will feel a lot more painful when using Android devices!

Conquer The High Mountains

Huge and towering rocks were arranged and blocked their path. However, to defeat the other side, he forces Diogenes to do everything possible to capture those stones. At the start of the game, the player will wonder if he can pass this level to return to the universe. Two powerful helpers, the Yosemite cauldron and the hammer, will surely be the saviors to conquer this mountain.
In Get Over It, Diogenes always wants to conquer the high mountains to discover their mysteries and collect more rewards. However, things may not be as simple as players think. It will take a long time to reach this goal, and it will eventually lead to burnout. As you can see, Diogenes is styled topless and comes in a black bottle. That made it even more difficult for him to move and climb the mountains. The more stones you catch, the more rewards you get.

Images And Sound

Getting over it has nothing to do with the idea of beautiful graphics, details, and everything else that is so fascinating to modern gamers. The emphasis here is on challenging yourself, and the image and sound only help to unleash the potential of this statement. Around a mountain of garbage, various objects, and nothing else. Use unique game mechanics to rise to the top

Description Of The Change

Even before downloading the game, many users are already preparing for problems, while we can offer everyone a great alternative. Download the Getting Over It Mod APK with a built-in menu that contains some interesting features.
First of all, he can reduce gravity by one level, push any surface much higher, and thus travel great distances. Secondly, there is an option in the menu to increase the main character’s movement speed. As a result, you can make your hero almost invincible and complete the passage much earlier.

Download Getting Over It Mod Menu

• Go to the download page and download the latest version of the app.
• Open the file manager and run
• Enable the “Allow from this source” tab in the device settings if you are installing the APK file for the first time.
• Complete the installation process by following the tips on the screen.