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OpenBlocks Mod 1.12.2 is a compilation of blocks and elements that greatly improves some aspects missing Minecraft vanilla and modded. There is no specific theme for this mod, it is more like a collection of random useful tools for a player to work on the game
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There are even more unusual blocks, download and update the world beyond recognition!


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OpenBlocks Mod 1.12.2 is a compilation of blocks and elements that greatly improves some aspects of Minecraft vanilla and modded. There is no specific theme for this mod; it is more like a collection of random, useful tools for a player to work on the game.

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Openblocks Mod

This mod is a random open-source collection of blocks and various cool stuff. Add modular liquid storage and innovative item transportation solutions. He adds his own version of the sponge, which works just like the vanilla sponge, except it can remove all liquids instead of just water. It even adds a paint system, allowing you to recolor certain blocks. OpenBlocks also adds its own version of Liquid XP and machines that can use it to automatically rename, repair, enchant, and bottle with experience. Minecraft elevator mod download

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  • A combination of ladder and hatch, also known as the worn ladder.
  • A creative healing block that slowly replenishes your health and food when you step on it.
  • A guide block to assist in various constructions.
  • Colorable buffers allow fast movement between floors. It requires XP by default.
  • Lightboxes to display your cards on the wall, ceiling, or floor
  • Archery targets for a shooting range
  • Player graves, guarded for your last death (assuming you can regenerate)
  • Colored flags for different purposes
  • Liquid tanks: portable, practical, and flexible liquid containers of any size
  • Random trophies that may or may not do weird things when you right-click
  • Bear traps: like Venus fly traps, but more agile
  • Luggage, the sensitive box that travels
  • Sprinklers are used to accelerate the growth of crops and other crops.
  • Object guns are used to shoot objects for transport.
  • Vacuum Hoppers: Like normal hoppers, but not limited to the top and absorb XP. BuildCraft Compatible!
  • Sonic Goggles: Echolocation for Steves
  • Sponges to quickly and effectively remove liquids
  • Redstone’s configurable lightweight Mega Touch sensor, also known as the BIG BUTTON
  • Blocks drew with pencils and crayons that only the imaginative eye can see
  • Fans: the power of an industrial fan the size of a desktop fan
  • A portable crane to collect blocks and entities.
  • Bottler XP: self-explanatory
  • Magnetic Turtles: Turtles don’t have CRT screens so you should be fine
  • Village Marker: Shows the village boundaries and where the golem guards appear.
  • The Slimalizer, which detects bits of slime
  • Trails are an alternative to gravel roads.
  • Block Breaker and Block Placer are back! A perfect replacement for the now-inactive RedPower mod
  • XP Drain: Stand on one attached to a tank and your XP will drain into a liquid state
  • Auto Anvil and Auto Enchantment Table, freshly imported from OpenX. It uses Liquid XP to perform its functions automatically.
  • Sleeping bag. Finally, a way to sleep on the go without resetting your spawn point!
  • The rope ladder is a magical ladder that needs no support to stand on and adapts its own size to the ground. Single-use.
  • The Donation Station tells you which moderator a block or item came from and allows you to admit the moderator that created it
  • A paint/stain system for blocks.
  • A paint mixer makes paint with dyes and milk. There are millions of possible colors.
  • A brush for painting white canvases and other blocks.
  • Stencils were created with the drawing board to paint specific areas of blocks
  • A squeegee that liquefies the paint to remove it from the blocks.

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