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Among Us (MOD, Unlocked): A game in which you have to go on a space journey on a ship, and for this you have to prepare it for departure
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What's new

Added vent cleaning task
Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Irish localizations added

Bug Fixes:
Getting stuck in place after a meeting is fixed
- Scaling on "SHH" screen fixed
Geoff eyepatch is now, (sadly) back to being a mask
Clouds in the aircraft no longer move in the wrong direction
Upload data, phone colors fixed
All major buttons are now localized
Other minor visual and localization bug fixes

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Among Us (MOD, Unlocked): A game in which you have to go on a space journey on a ship, and for this, you have to prepare it for departure. But on the ship, there are one, two, or three saboteurs who slow down, cause chaos, or destroy the participants, vote via team chat, and find the impostor. Once the traitor is discovered and thrown into space, you will win the round in the Among Us mod apk.

There’s something wrong. A crew of up to 10 people is ready to build their space shuttle to take off into the great unknown. However, there are some traitors among the group. They must be eliminated before they can attempt to kill everyone else in battle. Can you survive the craze for fun party games? Download Among Us for Android to see if you’re up to the challenge.

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The background of Among Us is set on a spaceship in space, where the ship’s astronauts must try to find a way to launch the ship from space. However, among the crew, there are impostors who infiltrate the ship to sabotage it. They can destroy the ship, cause chaos and division, and even kill people. Therefore, the goal of the astronauts is to find anonymous impostors who will abandon the ship before it is destroyed.

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Among Us Features

  • Before you leave, you can check out the guaranteed features to build the shuttle during your trip. Relax; there is no impostor making these additions. Just keep reading and worry about it later
  • Win the game by successfully completing each task to build your space shuttle. Or you can eliminate all cheaters and kick them out of the game.
  • Traitors can sabotage your plans at any time. Therefore, all players must react quickly and move as fast as possible.
  • The management card and cameras help you keep an eye on all your crew members. Be vigilant and alert at all times for signs of a deserter.
  • Once the corpses begin to appear,. Communicate immediately with your other players. Discuss any evidence and try to find out who the impostors are as soon as possible.
  • That said, meetings may be held to discuss suspicious activity or the behavior of other players.
  • Once a verdict has been passed, you can vote to evict a suspect. Make sure you make the right decisions when choosing who stays and who goes.


You are definitely too familiar with the Werewolf game, so Among Us gameplay need not be too much to mention. And even for beginners, the rules are not too difficult to understand. Because understanding the law is only one part of winning, it is important that you reason quickly, put your faith in the right place, and even cheat people if you are a murderer.

Below us requires flexibility and intelligence from the player, not too high in skill. Also, in werewolf games, it is extremely interesting if there is a group of friends to play with. You will have hours of fun and learn more about each other.


The graphics in Among Us are incredibly beautiful and well designed for the playstyle. After all, this is a party game to enjoy and play with friends and family. Each character’s character models are unique and distinguishable enough to have a personality of their own. You can easily point to Among Us from other games based on character design and settings.

That said, the animations are also stitched together for smooth visuals. The game can run at 60 fps for maximum optimization. Run around the map and perform fluid actions that look and feel good throughout the game.

Download Among Us MOD APK For Android

There is no need to require terrible graphics or high skills; Among Us continues to attract players for the interesting and fun content it brings. Now you can spend hours playing with friends and family. It’s a great way to connect with and learn about the people you love.

Under US Mod Menu APK, All Unlocked

That’s not all; the Android Among Us Mod APK download brings more features to the party table. Put your snacks down and don’t drop your drink just yet; we haven’t even talked about what’s included.