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Fighting Tiger Mod Apk v2.7.3 Download Unlimited Money, want to play Kung Fu and martial arts games? so here is a game called Tiger which is very popular because it is already played by more than 50 million people around the world.
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Jiin Feng
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4.0.3 and up
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What's new

Fixed some motion bugs of enemies in the new short story (Gin & Jim).
Strengthen Gin's nunchaku  sweeping attack.



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Fighting Tiger Mod

This game is about fighting for your life and love, but if you make a mistake, you will lose your life. So be careful while playing the Fighting Tiger Mod Apk. But in our mod version, you get unlimited health and money.

This game is called Fighting Tiger. It was developed by Jin Feng. It is a fighting game where you play the role of Gin, the main character and part of a gang that used to steal other people’s personal belongings, but now you want to stop all these illegal profits and live a simple and sincere life. But now your gangsters have turned against you, and you have to fight them to live the life you want. If you like the story of this game, we recommend that you read this article to learn about its features.

What is the Fighting Tiger game?

Fighting Tiger is an action game where you have to fight with your opponents and try to kill them before you run out of life. You can use multiple fighting styles to fight with your enemies, and you can also use different weapons to kill them.

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What is the Fighting Tiger MOD APK?

It is a modified version of the tiger fighting game. In this modified version, the user can use unlimited money so that he can buy as many weapons as he wants. Also, in this modified version, you can get unlimited energy.

What is the Fighting Tiger Mod Apk?

This is the modified version of the Fighting Tiger game, where you get fully unlocked gameplay where you can access all features and items. You don’t have to work hard or wait for anything, because everything will be there. You can play this game in any mod version of your choice without any restrictions. It has no ads, and this version gives you unlimited money.


The object of the game is to use martial arts moves to defeat opponents in a tournament. Players can move around the arena using standard attacks and combos, as well as special attacks that require Ki energy. The game also includes a block and dodge system and a counter-attack system.

Features of Fighting Tiger MOD

  • Offline mode with 3 difficulty levels and 50 stages
  • Online mode with real-time matchmaking and ranked matches
  • 12 characters with unique fighting styles
  • Over 70 moves, including punches, kicks, combos, and special moves,
  • Graphics and animations with a comic style
  • Intuitive virtual joystick controls.

Fight With Gangsters

In the tiger fighting game, you will see many different gangsters and have to fight with them. Your girlfriend has been kidnapped in this game, so you are her only hope. That’s why you have to face all the villains to save her. Use your special fighting techniques on them and kill them one by one as long as you can get to their boss.

Different fighting styles

This game offers many different fighting techniques to fight with your enemies. You can go with kung fu, Chinese boxing, martial arts, sanda, bajiquan, and many other fighting styles that you can use to defeat your opponents. But first, you have to learn these styles, and then you can access them. Learn all these techniques and fight effectively against these criminals

Save The City

Since there are many gangsters and criminals in this game, you have to protect your city from them because they are a great threat to your people. You have to use your special powers in this game to kill those bad elements, because killing them is the only way to protect your city. For this purpose, you also get many different weapons that you can use against them.

Unique Weapons

The Fighting Tiger game has many different weapons for you to use against these gangsters. It has a Chinese sword, guns, knives, wooden sticks, bombs, and many other unique weapons that will be available in this game. Make sure to use all these weapons, as they will help you immensely in killing a large number of enemies at the same time. Create your weapon collections in this game by opening it.

Unlimited Health

In the standard version of the tiger fighting game, you only get limited health, so you have to play very safely or your game will be over. But now you can get unlimited health in this game by downloading the mod apk version. After getting the Tiger Fighting mod version, don’t worry because you will never lose health again, so you can fight for free without losing health.

Stunning 3D Graphics

This action-fighting game has the best 3D graphics and great visual effects that make it more realistic from every angle. Everything in this game has excellent details that look great as you play. The different camera angles have a great impact on gamers, which is why it has thousands of positive reviews on the internet. Play this game in high quality by running it on a well-updated Android device

Game Without Ads

The Fighting Tiger game supports ads that appear on your screen while playing the game. Therefore, many players opt for the mod version of this game, as it does not support ads. There are no ad breaks that you will have to deal with in this version, as it is 100% free of pop-ups and video ads. So you are free to play this game calmly without any problems, and you don’t have to pay to remove ads either.

Easy-to-play controls

The Fight Tiger game has no complicated controls because everything is on your mobile screen, and you just need to press those buttons. You get a kick button, a punch button, a throw button, a dodge button, and a capture button that you can use to fight your enemies. You can press these combo buttons to create different combos. So make sure you learn combos, as they are very effective.


Fighting Tiger is a great game to kill boredom. That’s why millions of people play this game. For those who are looking for an action-fighting game, this fighting tiger game is highly recommended.