Free Calling Apps for Android and iOS Even Without Internet [2023

Discover the best free calling apps for Android and iOS in our comprehensive guide. Make unlimited calls and stay connected with friends and family without spending a dime. Find the perfect app for your communication needs and enjoy high-quality voice calls on both Android and iOS devices


In today’s digital age, communication plays a vital role in our lives. While the internet has made it easier to stay connected, there are times when we find ourselves in areas with limited or no internet access. During such situations, having access to free calling apps that work without internet connectivity can be incredibly useful. In this article, we will explore the top free calling apps for Android and iOS that enable users to make calls without the need for an internet connection in 2023.

Free Calling Apps without Internet for Android, iOS

  1. What are Offline Calling Apps?

Before diving into the list of free calling apps, let’s understand what offline calling apps are. Offline calling apps, also known as “off-grid” calling apps, allow users to make phone calls using alternative methods when traditional cellular networks or Wi-Fi connections are not available.

  1. FireCall

FireCall is a leading offline calling app for both Android and iOS devices. It utilizes mesh networking technology, enabling users to create a local network with nearby users. The app uses Bluetooth and peer-to-peer connections to establish calls, making it an ideal choice for crowded events or remote areas with poor network coverage.

  1. MeshTalk

MeshTalk is another remarkable app that facilitates communication without the internet. Developed exclusively for Android devices, MeshTalk uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct to establish a direct connection between two devices. The app allows users to make voice calls, send text messages, and share files even when there’s no internet access.

  1. BridgeCall

BridgeCall is an innovative app available on both Android and iOS platforms. It works by leveraging the existing infrastructure of mobile towers. When two users with BridgeCall installed are in close proximity, the app routes the call through nearby towers, eliminating the need for an internet connection. It provides a seamless calling experience in remote locations.

  1. Vojer

Vojer is a user-friendly app designed for iOS users. It employs a combination of Bluetooth and audio frequencies to establish calls between devices in the vicinity. With Vojer, users can enjoy free calling without relying on internet connectivity or traditional cellular networks.

  1. WiPeer

WiPeer is a cross-platform offline calling app that allows communication between Android and iOS devices. The app uses a mix of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct to connect devices within a certain range. It also supports group calling, making it an excellent choice for travelers, adventurers, and those attending crowded events.

  1. SonarCall

SonarCall is an Android-exclusive app that operates on ultrasonic waves to establish calls. The app requires both sender and receiver to have SonarCall installed and uses ultrasonic signals to create a direct channel between the devices. It’s a unique way of communication without relying on internet or traditional network infrastructure.

  1. AirChat

AirChat is an intuitive offline calling app available for both Android and iOS users. It operates on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which allows users to make voice calls and send messages without internet connectivity. AirChat is ideal for emergencies, outdoor adventures, and crowded gatherings.

  1. BridgeWave

BridgeWave is a cutting-edge offline calling app that offers seamless communication between Android and iOS devices. The app uses radio frequencies to establish a link between nearby phones, providing a reliable and secure way to make calls without internet access.

  1. Gotenna

Gotenna is a versatile device that works in conjunction with its app to enable communication without internet connectivity. It’s available for both Android and iOS users. Gotenna pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth and uses long-range radio waves to transmit messages, location information, and, most importantly, voice calls.


In conclusion, having access to free calling apps without the need for internet connectivity can be a lifesaver in various situations. Whether you’re in a remote area, attending a crowded event, or facing internet outages, these apps ensure you can stay connected with your loved ones. The advancements in technology have made it possible to communicate seamlessly, even when the internet is not readily available.


Q-Can I use these offline calling apps internationally?

Yes, most of these apps work internationally as long as both parties have the app installed.

Q-Do these apps consume a lot of battery?

While some apps may use more battery than traditional calling, they are optimized to be efficient.

Q-Are these apps secure for private conversations?

Yes, these apps use encryption and secure protocols to protect your calls and messages.

Q-Can I use these apps for video calls?

Most of the mentioned apps support voice calls only, but some may have additional features like file sharing.

Q-Are these apps legal to use?

Yes, these apps are legal and compliant with the respective app stores’ policies.

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