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The MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version of Bazooka Boy gives you a lot of money. With the available money you can buy the most powerful weapons. Bazooka Boy (MOD, Unlimited Money) - Welcome to the world of destruction and dynamic combat, take control of a little known little hero who will have to pass many tests along the way to achieve
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The MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version of Bazooka Boy MOD APK will give you a lot of money. You can use the available money to buy the most powerful weapons.

Serving about Bazooka Boy

Destroy your enemies with cannons

Bazooka Boy is a shooting game category. The game aims to destroy all enemies on the level. You control your character, aim, and choose the right angle to shoot the doll on the map. Until they are destroyed, you win.

However, your weapon does not have much ammunition. The system only gives you three (normally), and you play within this range. If you fail, you’ll have to play that mission again.

Normally, there are about 2–3 enemies on a map. They are arranged in fixed positions on the map. You must figure out ways to defeat them and return safely. I say it is because if your character is also affected, he will get hurt, and the mission can’t be completed. This is the highlight that makes Bazooka Boy interesting.

Another thing is that the difficulty of the game increases. The terrain becomes more dangerous. Even the enemies are far away and not next to each other. You’ll have to find a way to beat them faster. Aiming and choosing the right angle are not enough. Read the next part of the article to learn more!

Collect the best weapons to defeat the enemy.

Bazooka Boy has dozens of weapons for you. You can use the game’s default Bazooka to attack enemies with mortars. In addition, there are many weapons, such as pump pistols, shotguns, and more.

Each weapon has a special ability. In the case of bazooka or mortar guns, they will explode immediately when the bullet hits the object. But for the bomb gun, the bomb will explode on the second contact with the object. Therefore, it isn’t easy to use. But in return, the attack ability is extremely strong. It can cause the enemy to be sent very far.

Unlock unique skins for your character

The default character that the game gives you is quite monotonous. It is just a monochrome model and has no face. However, you can equip it with some special skins to give it a unique look.

You can refer to some models as a helmet, wool hat, glasses, shirt, bulletproof armor, or T-shirt with a smiley icon in the store.

Bazooka Boy designed beautifully detailed skins. It is estimated that there are more than 30 different skins. They are divided into three categories: common, rare, and legendary. Most are unlocked automatically as the character gains experience to speed up item unlocking. The money can only be used to buy weapons.

There are hundreds of levels and hundreds of challenges.

According to the developer, Bazooka Boy currently has hundreds of playable levels. This number keeps increasing, and they will update new content in future updates.

Bazooka Boy also has a lot of cards. Usually, you have to complete 10–15 levels to get to a new map. This war varies from vast steppes to bustling cities and mysterious forests. The difficulties will continue to increase. You will have to find a way to adapt and choose the right position to bomb the enemy.

MOD APK version of Bazooka Boy

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money: the price of weapons is 0
  • No ads

Download Bazooka Boy MOD APK for Android

Bazooka Boy is an action game that belongs to the genre of shooting games. You choose the angle at which the character has to shoot, aiming to destroy all enemies. And is your talent enough to help you win with just three bullets?

Last words

Bazooka Boy is an explosive and tough action game that you can play on your smartphone. Not only does it have puzzle elements, but the game itself also allows the main characters to kill enemies with the bazooka and many other weapons.

You have to destroy all the red guys by shooting them and destroying their bases on hundreds of levels. New bug fixes, improvements, and even scary skins are available in the new version. Please don’t waste your time. Try it now!