SpellForce Heroes & Magic MOD APK+OBB (Unlimited Money)

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SpellForce: Heroes & Magic opens up a magical world that contains many conflicts between forces. You create your army, lead them and bring your troops to invade other places. Giant monsters need you to take care of them; make a detailed plan to attack them
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SpellForce Heroes & Magic MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Forge your empire from scratch, build your armies to conquer and subdue others, and enjoy the tactical aspects of great battles. Lead your people to victory by participating in the exciting game SpellForce Heroes & Magic

SpellForce Heroes & Magic MOD APK

SpellForce: Heroes and Magic opens up a magical world that contains many conflicts between forces. You create your army, lead them and bring your troops to invade other places. Giant monsters need you to take care of them. Make a detailed plan to attack them. While you brainstorm what to shoot, they also come up with a strategy to attack you.

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Beware of malicious plots; strengthen your troops carefully. Everything must go through the training frame and gradually increase the strength to go into battle with the opponent; otherwise, the opponent gets the deal on the spot by simply walking out of their facility.


The game allows you to create your fantasy kingdom by collecting resources, conquering new lands, and defeating enemies in decisive victories. You can also be the hero and lead your armies in exciting battles.

Create an empire for your own people.

For those who love to create their own kingdom and enjoy all the exciting features of a tactical game, SpellForce Heroes & Magic is definitely a great game to enjoy on your smartphone. Here, you can expand your kingdom by fighting with others, conquering their land, and making it your own.

Explore dozens of different locations on the maps for valuable prizes. Attack enemies at their weakest points and defeat their main forces in devastating battles. You will be remembered as the first king to unite the kingdom.

With 13 consecutive missions to complete, players will enjoy every part of the game. Furthermore, the AI factions also prove to be worthy opponents with many clever and cunning moves.

Explore the epic world of magical and mystical creatures.

And to make battles even more epic, the heroes and armies of SpellForce Heroes & Magic can unleash powerful attacks on their opponents with powerful magic. Unleash powerful elemental attacks to take out groups of enemies in seconds, slow them down with your spells and traps, or heal your armies to the limit with incredible healing spells. Everything is accessible.

Facing The Enemy

The opponents you have to fight are equally eloquent; it’s not easy to beat them. It would help if you destroyed the enemies, from small monsters to giants. If you’re greedy, you can be devoured by a formidable opponent on the first hit. Players plan matches and look at the map to organize the squad. Your troops are skilled archers, knights, or wizards. They are all talented people and effective weapons with which you can defeat your opponents. You just balance your strength against solid and independent enemies and fight bravely not to regret it.

Take your heroes to battle.

Here in SpellForce Heroes & Magic, you can not only lead your armies in battles but also lead them in battles as their commanders. Choose your heroes and experience what it’s like to be a true warrior.

Unleash your powerful skills and abilities on enemies to contain their attacks. Buy time for your armies to get organized. Be the best general you can be. As you explore the land, you can encounter random enemies that challenge you in exciting turn-based battles.

Fun and exciting turn-based simultaneous battles

In SpellForce Heroes & Magic, simultaneous turns will occur even if you don’t want to end your turn.

And while you decide what to do with your armies, enemies can gain the upper hand and attack you first. That’s why it’s important to make quick and accurate decisions to outsmart your enemies.

There will be tons of different units to customize your formations. You can go the aggressive route by attacking your enemies head-on with powerful melee units like Knights, cavalry, etc. Or you can go for a more conservative approach with archers and catapults.

It’s up to you to decide, and it would depend a lot on the enemies’ compositions.

There are different types to choose from.

In SpellForce Heroes & Magic, where different races coexist, there are three main races that want to unite the kingdoms and rule over other races. You can choose between orcs, humans, or dark elves to fight your enemies and lead them to their ultimate victories.

In addition, there are also six different neutral races that can be your allies or your enemies. Befriend them to gain valuable allies in battle.

How to Install SpellForce: Heroes & Magic APK with OBB Data File

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /Android/OBB/com.hg.spellforce. Make sure that the OBB file (main.180.com.hg.spellforce.obb) is located in the com.hg.spellforce folder.

Restart the game. Enjoying!

Download SpellForce: Heroes & Magic 1.2.5 Android APK

For those looking for a deep tactical game where they can do almost anything with their empire, SpellForce Heroes & Magic is definitely a great title for Android devices.

With great stories, lots of exciting missions to complete, lots of recognizable content, and lots of great features, it’s hard to put your phone down once you’re addicted to the game.