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My Cafe Mod Create your unique Cafe with many amenities and great prices that will appeal to all residents of your city. Create new masterpieces and gain popularity, avoiding all your competitors
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Friends! In this update:
For players of level 8+:
• Training 5 spies, proving your best frenemy wrong, and saving the world? All in a week's work for Margaret!
• Laura lost her job and became an archaeologist in exile. But there may be a way out of the situation right under her feet!
• Eastern Season! Earn trophies in festivals and the Sand Castle will give you more diamonds
Important! Only trophies you earn yourself count
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My Cafe Mod Create a unique cafe with many amenities and great prices that will appeal to all residents of your city. Create new masterpieces and gain popularity, avoiding all your competitors. The game has straightforward and intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, saves money, buys new jewels, and turns your little mini restaurant into one of the best in the city. As the best chef of all time in the new exciting and exciting


The game offers players a simple yet highly addictive business tycoon game to control an entire cafe or restaurant. Develop it from a small family business to a premium restaurant that customers will love.

Feel free to take your creativity to a whole new level as you get to know the dozens of different customizations the game offers. Set up your restaurant efficiently to work with and attractively so that customers are more attracted.

And unlike other tycoon games, My Café gives players the chance to participate in their customers’ stories. Experience aspects of everyday life as you help your customers solve their problems. Share stories and come up with solutions.

Characteristics of My Cafe 

Here you will find all the cool features that the game offers:

Simple controls and intuitive interfaces

For starters, My Café has relatively accessible controls that most players will find quite simple. So you can quickly get used to the game and start enjoying its features. In addition, the simplified interfaces also make it much easier to access the given elements in the game.

Enjoy the in-depth game of the restaurant tycoon.

Find yourself enjoying the addictive restaurant and cafe simulation where you can have your shop. Spend time working on it so it can thrive and attract more customers. Collect and save money so you can grow and improve your business. Equip it with better furniture and equipment. Provide better services for better profit for your customers.

Buy items, customize your store the way you want, hire new staff, create better recipes, and more. You can even manage the prices so that they work well for your target customers.

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Feel free to push your creativity to the limit

And with fully accessible customizations, My Café also introduces players to many cool features when it comes to revamping their business. Choose different interior themes and apply them to your restaurant so that you can attract more customers. Design and organize your restaurant to optimize spaces, equipment, and other resources. Choose from dozens of different decoration styles and various pieces of furniture with unique styles. Give your stores special features that no one can match.

Participate in individual customer stories

In addition, players can also participate in funny stories with each of their customers. Be a dedicated store owner and get to know all your customers. Spend time talking to them to increase their affection. Help them solve their problems with your wise advice. Help them overcome all difficulties in life. Be yourself, and we’ll see how the stories go. My Café stories present multiple aspects of life from drama, romance, rivalry, etc. The decisions are yours, so decide with your concerns.

Join other online players from around the world

The game introduces the players to an exciting online game where you can meet online players worldwide. Join the social world in My Café as you interact with other in-game store owners who also share the same coffee and restaurant needs. Share your experiences, compete, and experience fun online gaming while taking part in unique festivals.

Learn about great coffee recipes and make your own

The game provides players with many great coffee recipes for them to learn. Pick your favorite recipes and start making those delicious cups of joy. Let your customers enjoy great coffee while you introduce them to your great business. With hundreds of different recipes, players can spend time unlocking and learning many of them. Use these detailed recipes to make delicious natural drinking cups.

Free to play

Despite all the excellent features, the game is currently free for players to enjoy. That said, you can download and install the game on your mobile devices, wherever you are. Just go to the Google Play Store, and it will always be available to you.

Unlock all game features with our mod

However, suppose you want to eliminate the annoying ads and access all the game’s features without paying anything. In that case, the modified version of the game allows you to do everything without paying. Unlock items and updates whenever you want. Feel free to explore the multiple stories instead of worrying about your day-to-day business. All you need to do is download our My Cafe Mod APK and install it on your device.

Visual and sound quality


The game features impressive yet straightforward graphics that introduce players to cute 3D restaurants. Learn how to engage with your customers’ stories through beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations. Experience a whole new way of storytelling.

Sound or Music

With excellent and calm soundtracks, the player without My Café can feel rested and relaxed. Experience the unique features and enjoyable gameplay it offers while listening to beautiful soundtracks.