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Monster Hunter Riders (MOD, One Hit/God Mode) is a type of RPG that allows you to collect powerful items and fight against many other players. Monster Hunter Riders, sequel to the successful Monster Hunter Stories. Capcom recently announced that it will begin its final session to prepare
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Monster Hunter Riders APK

CAPCOM has long been a household name for many gamers. They expect this publisher to bring exciting games, and the Monster Hunter Riders APK series is one of them. It contributed to brand awareness as it was released on various platforms, including PCs, consoles, and now Android. Monster Hunter Riders is the first release, but according to the original announcement, it is only available on Google Play and the App Store in the Japanese market. But that’s not really true now; anyone can download this game here.

Game Overview

Like previous versions, Monster Hunter Riders set the stage on the continent of Fergie. It is considered to be the link between two living things, including humans and monsters. However, it soon got dark and engulfed the whole place. The dark side of the monsters has awakened and is breaking the peace here. A massacre is about to happen; recruit heroes and stop the coming death.

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If you’ve ever experienced any version of the Monster Hunter series, you probably don’t feel weird anymore. And even if it feels strange, with the series of detailed instructions developed by the developer at the beginning of this game, you will quickly become familiar with and master the features it has.

During this game, you will go on an adventure in different countries on the continent of Fergie. Monsters constantly appear in different places and at different times. By beating them, you will gain experience to level up. You become stronger and open up the possibility of meeting new heroes. As such, your squad will get stronger, and the battle will get a little easier. However, with increasing difficulty, you must develop new and more effective tactics by combining the skills of team members.

Many Unique Monsters

The monsters are tame monsters. They are determined by many different factors in terms of strength and role in battle. Each monster has a special item that affects the power of the skill. In addition, players can create new monsters by hatching their eggs. Monster babies will inherit the strength of their parents. Sometimes you can get monsters that have two elemental powers. You can also make monsters stronger by increasing their levels and upgrading various parts.


Monster Hunter Riders have ten Dragon Knights, but they don’t appear right away. But as a leader, you can recruit them in the future if they show up. Each of them has special combat skills. You can get more details by entering the character information. There, the game has descriptions that include health, defense, attack, and more.

In addition, we also have to take the dragons into account. They are an integral part of the battle. They were not only the pets of knights but also inflicted a large amount of damage, which frightened the enemy. And if you look closely, they are also part of the strategy. The effect of the battle will be different if you combine dragons and knights. Based on this, many people believe that the customization in this game seems endless.

Most Important Features

  • Take part in the battle with monsters on Fergie’s continent that come in different types, namely humans and monsters.
  • The player can use idle mode to collect valuable items for battle, even if they are not directly controlling the character.
  • The function of organizing parties and battles with monsters is to destroy them and get valuable things like weapons and costumes.
  • Take your power to the next level by challenging monsters in each mission for a chance to show off your strategy and skills.
  • Organizing training sessions for your own allies and helping them to become stronger also means your strength.


Although it is a mobile game, the effects, graphics, and fierce level of Monster Hunter Riders are not inferior to those released on PC or console. However, the total capacity is only about 140 MB, and you can see how CAPCOM optimized it. The experience remains smooth, with the magical effect of beautiful battles, and will immerse you for hours.


Monster Hunter Riders is a fascinating game with many interesting features in terms of gameplay and graphics. In this article, we provide players with the link to download Monster Hunter Riders for free. Please rate and share this game if you find it interesting.