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Hide and seek! (MOD, Unlimited Coins) - An unusual and original game based on a thousand-year-old mechanic who goes through mazes. It's worth noting that in this project you have the option to customize the maze yourself and then, after hiding it, stay in the shadows for as long as possible. In this case, you have the opportunity not only to speak on behalf of the fugitive, but also to try to find the hidden opponent.
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Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APk, Hide and don’t get caught, or try to find all the other players in the maze before the time runs out. Download Hide ‘n Seek mod APK for Android to put your stealth skills to the test and avoid getting caught by the seeker.

Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

Who doesn’t remember Hide ‘N Seek’s games in the schoolyard? It is one of the most classic games that we enjoyed as children. You can still play Hide ‘N Seek as an adult, although it’s not as much fun as when you were a kid.

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But now you can enjoy the Hide ‘N Seek game on your mobile device again. Sure, having the sun on your face and getting cut through thorns while trying to hide in a hedge isn’t better, but it’s still a lot of fun, and you can play it wherever you are.

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Play Hide ‘n Seek APK

If you want to relive your childhood, play Hide ‘n Seek APK for Android; you can play it without your middle-aged colleagues thinking you are a freak. Unfortunately, it’s hard to really play it once you’re an adult (unless you get everyone drunk first)

Hide ‘n Seek mod APK for Android is a simple 3D game where you and some other players online are in a maze, and one of you is the seeker. It’s the same as the classic rules. If you get spotted, then you join the seeker, and everyone must try to evade getting caught for 30 seconds.

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Maze Map

The map is a large maze that offers a lot of cover. This makes it much easier for people in hiding to avoid capture. But it also means that many wrong turns have to be made. Try to stay upright, and don’t stay in one place unless you really have to. The more you move in the opposite direction of the viewfinder, the more likely you are not to be seen.

You can always play the game a little differently and try to get closer to the viewfinder at the start of the round; this way, fewer suspicions arise (why would he suspect that you would go to him?). However, this is very risky, as you can be caught very quickly.

Online Game

You can play online against other people from all over the world. Unfortunately, you can’t invite your friends to play yet, but since many people have requested this feature, we hope it will be added in the future. Playing against other players makes the game feel more like the real thing, while playing against the AI seems to feel slightly fake and easier. Challenge the world and show your skills to avoid getting caught on a streak.

Hide ‘n Seek Mod APK: Unlimited Coins

Finished? Have you found your hiding place? Let’s go, then. Download Hide ‘n Seek APK for Android now to enjoy fun and games and challenge real people from all over the world to super fun hide-and-seek games in a giant maze with many places to disappear. What are you waiting for? Download the game

It is a relaxing and undemanding game for all players.

And thanks to the relaxing and stress-free hide-and-seek gameplay, Hide ‘N Seek players can always play their unlocked mobile title without any problems. Feel free to participate in many fun, relaxing, and addictive levels, each with its own awesome and fun gameplay. Play and enjoy the levels as you wish.

Real Legends Of Hidden Game Simulation

Many players will join you in this maze. Everyone is trapped in a certain labyrinth. This is the main stage of the game. The controls and gameplay are completely similar to the hide-and-seek game that has permeated the memory of many generations. So whoever you are, hide ‘n seek! It won’t be difficult for you, either.

What does the wanted person have?

In particular, if you become a seeker, you must perform the actual task on their behalf. It is searching and hunting everywhere to catch the hidden people as much as possible. Although in the role of an active person, it is not easy. You will no longer be able to see people after 5 seconds after the official start of the game.

After the clock starts ticking, it’s time to act. Specifically, you have to move through this strange maze. You can visit any place where you feel suspicious and suspect that someone is hiding. You can run or walk to avoid making noise that will affect your journey to catch the enemy.


Before you get caught, what if you see a Seeker approaching? Hide and seek! You are supported by a tool called Teleporter. This allows you to move your body to the other side of the map to avoid the gaze of seekers. This allows you to quickly and easily leave a network. However, it is not always possible to use it. The number to choose from is limited, especially in the early levels.

Collect The Key To Open Coins

Let’s say you want to use Hide ‘N Seek privileges! For premium players, you need to collect as many coins as you can. Around the maze, there will be a key in every corner, so while you’re hiding, take the opportunity to look around. After receiving the key, use it to open the coin safe. Use them to upgrade skins and skills.

Purchased Interfaces

Don’t stop there; coins at Hide ‘N Seek! can also be used to purchase skins. In addition, you can also watch ads to get new skins. This game looks quite simple, with a complex maze full of classic passages and walls. There will be unique mazes with different shapes and colors, each with a different interface, e.g., a gray triangle, a blue circle, or a greenhouse.

Visual and sound quality


Here at Hide ‘N Seek, despite the simple graphics, the game manages to deliver unique and interesting visuals to keep you engaged in the game. And thanks to the optimized and undemanding graphics, you can also enjoy smooth and satisfying Hide ‘N Seek gameplay on all your different devices.

Sound And Music

With captivating music and recognizable sound effects, Hide ‘N Seek also allows Android gamers to fully participate in the great mobile title. Feel free to enjoy relaxing music and fun sound effects while participating in addictive levels.