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DragonVale is a breeding game in which you hatch 250 or more types of dragon eggs. Let's collect different dragons in DragonVale that trains dragons.
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This time it’s a Dragonvale mod apk, but it’s a warm educational game with almost no fighting elements. DragonVale is a heartwarming game that focuses on training and development on the island. The graphics have changed drastically from the previous version, and cute dragons are available.

DragonVale Mod Apk is a breeding game where you hatch 250 or more types of dragon eggs. Feed and breed them, and then multiply them with other dragons to breed new dragons. Let’s collect different dragons in the DragonVale dragon training game.

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Background story

Backflip Studios is an international game maker and develops various games, such as dragon training and ninja games. DragonVale Mod Apk is one of the most successful games of this brand. The first step is to grab and load the eggs. An uncle who appears to be a dragon will explain them all carefully. It is the first dragon you can get. You can rename your dragons to your favorite

You have to buy a habitat for each dragon and create a habitat in an open space. By doing this, you can keep the dragon alive on the island. Not only does the dragon come out of the eggs, but you can also choose two dragons in the cave and pair them. It will give you a fresh dragon egg. There are several dragons, but some can be purchased with cash and some can be purchased with gems that can be replenished for a fee.

Interesting Gameplay

It is a fun game to raise different dragons, but the most important things are the money in the game and the food of the dragon. If you don’t have the money, you can’t build many facilities, and if you don’t feed, you can’t breed dragons, and you’ll never get a rarer dragon.

By breeding the dragons, each dragon downloads money. Let’s build another facility while collecting successfully. We can produce dragon bait on a nice farm. It takes a lot of money and time, but let’s do it repeatedly and well here. When the food has gathered to a certain point, give it to the dragon and raise the dragon.


Food is needed to raise the dragon.

Food can be produced by building a fun farm. Feeding them correctly will level them up and change their appearance. You can also collect money in the habitat where the dragon lives. As you increase the level, the rate at which you can withdraw money will also change. Keep in mind that the payout does not increase if you run out of pairings. You can buy decorations not only in buildings and habitats but also in stores. It is essential not only to breed dragons but also to create a small island with decorations.

All the time-consuming jewelry can save time and be done quickly.

It will be more efficient, but if you don’t pay for it, it’s worth the wait because the jewels are precious. If you play for a while, you can clear up to this point. You can also decide when you want to reach a level 10 island theme.

With this island, the theme “plant” is an island designed with ivy. You can unlock more island themes as you level up. There are two remote facilities. The small facility below is called the Dragonarium, and you can view the collected dragons. You can also buy the released Dragon Eggs here.

Eridian Dragon

If you want to earn money efficiently, let’s use this dragon, as the level will increase more and more. As you progress, you can buy more facilities. The colosseum in the image above allows you to take your dragon to various competitions and win prizes.

You don’t fight against other players; you get a chapter when you play, and time passes. It is a lot of fun to level up and unlock different facilities to develop the island.


If you are still struggling to save money, you can earn money and food by running and taking on different challenges, so let’s do it consistently. There are also mini-games. By playing mini-games, you can get cute dragons and decorations. It’s not just about training but also about several things that make Dragon Vale attractive.

We recommend checking out the collection as the game progresses. Tap the Dragonarium at the bottom of the screen. Here is a list of dragons that appear in DragonVale. There seem to be a few dragons for each season, so it seems complicated to collect them all, but it’s exciting to fill them one by one.

Pictures and Sound Effects

Each dragon has unique properties and is divided into seven categories: earth, fire, water, ice, metal, wind, and wood. While breeding, players can breed two types of dragons with unique properties to create new breeds; by doing that, they will produce hundreds of types of dragons.

Players should also feed them regularly. Nursing areas also need to focus, build, and improve. With regular maintenance and upgrades, players can finally build dragon farms on a larger and more monumental scale. Then compete with other players.


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