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Block strike Mod APK,  For those interested in the classic gameplay shooter, you will find that you enjoy this impressive Reset studio title while experiencing the actions of the epic shooter.
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Tasks give 10 Gold each
Updated spectator system
Now you can create a server for two players
Fixed HUD setting
I added a dark theme (in the main menu)
Fixed bug with football mode



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Block strike Mod APK,  For those interested in the classic gameplay shooter, you will find that you enjoy this impressive Reset studio title while experiencing the actions of the epic shooter. Block Strike: Android Players Will Have Their Chance of Enjoying the Shooting Game in Depth and Satisfactory with Accessible and Non-Demanding Images on Most of Their Android Devices. Therefore, we are allowing MORE AND MORE players to join you in your hilarious coincidences with braces and clashes.

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In The Game, Android Players Will Have Their Chance to impress Themselves in Impressive Shooting Experiences With a Soft and Satisfactory Take a series of exciting shooter levels with several configurations, enjoy the impressive game modes with various experiences, and discover the imprintive weapons you will use in your hilarious fights. Check more APPS

Have fun with the pleasure gameplay of mobile shooters on Android devices while wandering the jungle. Enjoy the portable in-pruning shooter experiences while you dive into its casual gameplay—inexperience with FPS gameplay in a much more friendly approach.

FUNCTIONS Of Block Strike

Here is all the stunning fantail that has the game to bite:

Quitting in intuitive touch control to introduce you to the game, I will introduce you

To start with, Android gamers in Blocking Hansen will have to enjoy exciting experiences with Mobile Shooter simultaneously with intuitive touch controls. Here, you find yourself having quick gameplay and a lot of fun with his great in-game functions. Feel free to get into great shooter experiences using your intuitive touch controls. Move your party effect with an analog touchpad in Create fast changes with handy gesture assignments. You will find that you enjoy the shooter gameplay of ten total meters.

Different Game Modes

As You Dive into the Impressive Shooter Experiences, Android Players in Block Strike Will Also Have Their Chance of Having Fun With Their Epic Action Game in Many Different Game Modes.

Death Match Equipment: Start Your Shooting Experiences With A Simple And Exciting Game Of The Shooter On The Infinite Transmissions Of The Deathmatch Team Choose Your Preferred Equipment and Go Against the Other, As You Sign Up at the Highest Death Scores.

Death Run: Have fun running for your life in this hilarious title of the free runner in the game. Bring your efforts and perform the fastest movements while you are effective against the enemies you follow.

Hunger Games: Become a member of the challenges of Epic Survival with other teams, in which players are fighting, along with their teammates, to stay alive. Take down other equipment, so you can be the last state.

Survival Zombie: Discover the Unique Battles of Zombie Revelation, in Which The Players Are Always in Their Career of Unpleasant Monsters Take them with weapons and prepare for the next wave of monsters.

Bunny Hop: For Those of You Who Have Played and Enjoyed the Classic Counterattack Game, You Will Certainly Find the Mechanics of Bunny Hop. That said, this fashion allows players to show their skills by performing precise and incredible jumps that would allow them to effectively reach their final destination in the fastest amount of time.

These are just some mentions of the best game modes you can enjoy. That said, if you are interested, you should immerse yourself in your own Block Strike experiences and enjoy a more exciting game.

Discover impressive cards with different configurations.

To make your game more interesting, Block Strike also presents Android players with various cards with incredible facilities, in which players can completely immerse themselves in their experiences as shooters. That said, with more than 60 different cards that would take him through many dynamic and exciting experiences, Android players can enjoy their excellent game on incredible adventures.

Dive into Impressive Fights with Incredible Weapons.

And when you find yourself in the middle of the fights, Block Strike offers dozens of different weapons that you can pick up and enjoy. Lord, you are allowed to use your pistols, machine guns, underwater weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, and equally Bazookas to shoot your enemies. Alternatively, feel free to enjoy the exciting body-to-body fights with simple and accessible weapons. Enjoy the Impressive Gap of the Block Strike in Varied Experiences in the Game as You Progress.

Adjust your game with different skins and stickers

And finally, but not least, because you play with friends and other players online, it would be better to make your characters dressed and decorated so that you can mark experiences during your online ventures. That said, the game also offers many exciting outfits and skins that you can apply to your fictional character.

And, for those who are interested, you can make specific changes and adjustments for your weapons in the game.

Free to play

Despite all the incredible features, Android players in Block Strike will also find themselves with full access to their free game. That said, the game is currently free at the Google Play Store and can be downloaded without having to pay anything.

Visual quality and sound.


With simple and accessible images, Block Strike offers experiences in the game that are accessible and pleasant for those of you who hope to have fun with the game. Not to mention that Android players would still find the impressive belts with clear images attractive despite the reduced graphics.


With powerful graphics, Block Strike also presents Android players with exciting experiences in the game with incredible audio. Here you will find yourself mesmerized by the challenges with influential recordings, crazy steps that come from multiple directions, and the exciting soundtracks that would make the game extra pleasant.

Final Verdict

You can also expect many players from all over the world to join you in the exciting online shooting clashes. This game is completely free and unlocked on our website; there are no reasons to reject it.

You are clear about all things block strike mod after carefully reading this complete article guide from Vargeapk. Go ahead and ask all your questions in the comment section below. We look forward to answering your questions. Also, check out various items for extra awesome mods on our webpage.