The Ultimate Android Customization: Discover the Top 15 ROMs for Android Q, Pie & Oreo

Discover the best custom ROMs for Android Q, Pie, and Oreo in this comprehensive guide. Unleash the full potential of your device with these custom ROMs, optimized for performance and features. Stay updated with the latest Android versions and explores a world of possibilities for your smartphone. Find your perfect ROM and enhance your Android experience today

Introduction ROMs for Android

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, users are constantly looking for ways to enhance their Android experience beyond the limitations of stock operating systems. Custom ROMs offer a solution by providing a unique and optimized user interface, improved performance, and a plethora of customization options. In this article, we will explore the 15 best custom ROMs available for Android devices running on Q, Pie, and Oreo versions in 2023.

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What Are Custom ROMs?

Before delving into the best custom ROMs, let’s briefly understand what they are. A custom ROM is a third-party operating system designed to replace the original Android OS on a device. These ROMs are developed by a community of dedicated developers who strive to provide users with a better and more tailored Android experience.

Advantages of ROMs for Android

  1. Enhanced Performance: Custom ROMs are often optimized for better speed and responsiveness, resulting in improved device performance.
  2. Latest Android Versions: Custom ROMs allow users to experience the latest Android versions even if their device manufacturer has stopped providing updates.
  3. Customization: One of the main attractions of custom ROMs is the ability to customize the user interface, themes, and even the status bar to match individual preferences.
  4. Bloatware Removal: Custom ROMs often come with minimal bloatware, giving users a cleaner and more efficient system.
  5. Extended Battery Life: Some custom ROMs offer better battery optimization features, helping users extend their device’s battery life.

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The 15 Best Custom ROMs for Android Q, Pie & Oreo

  1. LineageOS

LineageOS is one of the most popular and widely used custom ROMs. It provides a stock Android experience with added performance and customization tweaks. With regular updates and a vast device support list, LineageOS is a top choice for many Android enthusiasts.

  1. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience aims to bring the Pixel-like experience to non-Pixel devices. It offers a clean, bloatware-free interface, along with the Pixel’s iconic launcher and exclusive features.

  1. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is known for its extensive range of customization options. It allows users to tweak almost every aspect of the UI, giving them full control over their Android devices.

  1. Evolution X

Evolution X focuses on speed and stability while offering various customization features. It’s a great choice for users who want a balance between performance and customization.

  1. Havoc OS

Havoc OS provides a unique blend of Pixel and AOSP experience with a wide range of customization options. It also comes with various useful features that enhance user experience.

  1. Arrow OS

Arrow OS is a lightweight custom ROM that aims to offer a clean and smooth Android experience. It’s known for its stability and optimization, making it suitable for daily use.

  1. crDroid

crDroid emphasizes performance, reliability, and customization. It brings various features from different custom ROMs into one package, appealing to a wide audience.

  1. AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is an AOSP-based ROM with various additions, providing users with a balance between stock Android and customization options.

  1. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android focuses on providing unique and innovative features while keeping the user interface clean and minimalistic.

  1. CarbonROM

CarbonROM offers a clean and simple UI with performance improvements and essential features for an enhanced Android experience.

  1. SuperiorOS

SuperiorOS prioritizes smoothness, stability, and a friendly user interface. It includes various customization options to suit different preferences.

  1. BlissROM

BlissROM combines the features of various custom ROMs, providing a rich user experience with a wide array of customization choices.

  1. Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is a feature-rich ROM that brings together the best of other custom ROMs, creating a unique and enjoyable experience.

  1. MSM Xtended

MSM Xtended focuses on providing regular updates and performance improvements, making it a reliable choice for many users.

  1. OctaviOS

OctaviOS offers a Pixel-like experience with various additional features, providing users with an attractive and smooth interface.


Custom ROMs have revolutionized the Android ecosystem, offering users the freedom to tailor their devices according to their preferences. The 15 best custom ROMs listed above cover a wide range of features and optimizations, catering to different user requirements. Before installing a custom ROM, users should ensure compatibility with their specific device model and follow the installation instructions carefully.


Q-Are custom ROMs safe to use?

Custom ROMs developed by reputable sources and installed correctly are generally safe to use. However, users should be cautious and follow instructions carefully to avoid any potential risks.

Q-Can I install custom ROMs on any Android device?

Not all Android devices support custom ROM installation. Users should check the compatibility and availability of custom ROMs for their specific device models.

Q-Will installing a custom ROM void my device warranty?

Yes, in most cases, installing a custom ROM will void the device warranty. Users should be aware of this before proceeding.

Q-Can I switch back to the stock Android OS after installing a custom ROM?

Yes, users can revert to the stock Android OS by flashing the official firmware through the device’s recovery mode.

Q-What is the risk of bricking my device during custom ROM installation?

There is a risk of bricking the device if the installation process is not followed correctly. Users should thoroughly research and understand the installation procedure before attempting it.


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