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Lots of features to help you play music and grow as a musician. From changing the key, slowing down the tempo, repeating parts of your songs to playing in HQ Backtrackit's features sound like every aspiring artist's wish list. Have you ever wanted to sing without that annoying original singer? Track Splitter can make that dream come true by isolating vocals or even giving you control over individual instruments.
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Have you tried the Track Splitter? Try the demo and then create backing tracks of any of your songs!
I keep on improving the app, I hope you keep enjoying Backtrackit. Best, Ziad.


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Musicians, get ready for an app that’s more versatile than a Swiss Army knife and almost as useful! Backtrackit: Musicians Player doesn’t just help you play; it’s a complete music mentor. Whether you’re trying to sing like Celine or try to shred like Santana, there’s something for everyone here.


Backtrackit’s features sound like every aspiring artist’s wish list. Have you ever wanted to sing without that annoying original singer? Track Splitter can make that dream come true by isolating vocals or even giving you control over individual instruments.

There’s also the excellent key/bpm control, which lets you change the pitch and tempo of a song as easily as turning up the volume. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the advanced loop, equalizer, and those perfect singing and ear training exercises. They are the icing on the already delicious musical cake.

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The true genius of Backtrackit is reflected in its extensive library of original backing tracks. Whether you like the exhilarating excitement of rock or the relaxing touch of neo-soul, they have it all. You can practice your licks, riffs and solos with genres ranging from blues to EDM. And for those who want to visualize their melodies, there’s the fantastic Live Notes mode.

Go Premium and unleash your potential

Sure, much of BACKTRACKIT’s magic is free. But imagine being a musical wizard! That’s where the Premium and Premium Plus versions come into play. No more ads, more ear training challenges, and the almighty power of exporting any backing track file. Oh, and did we mention you have full access to that lovely catalog of backing tracks?


What is that? Are you a bassist or a drummer? Well, Backtrackit hasn’t forgotten you! You can be the backbone of your favorite songs with variations without bass or drums. And with interactive drums, you can play rhythms inspired by legendary drummers. Who said drummers sit in the back? Here, sit in the front!


On the rare occasion that you get hiccups (because, let’s face it, all teachers hit the wrong note sometimes), the man behind the scenes, Ziad, is always there to help. Whether comments, questions, or a friendly greeting, he is there to ensure that your musical journey with Backtrackit is nothing less than harmonious.

Features of Backtrackit Premium APK

Before downloading and using the app, review these key features:

Voice and instrument isolation.

A key feature of Backtrackit is the ability to isolate vocals and instruments from any song. This powerful tool allows you to extract specific elements, giving you the flexibility to focus on individual parts and study them in detail. Whether you want to learn a complex guitar solo or analyze singing techniques, this feature allows you to delve into the intricacies of each song.

High-quality original backing tracks.

Backtrackit offers an extensive catalog of high-quality original backing tracks spanning various music genres and styles. These songs serve as a valuable resource for musicians of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner learning to play your instrument or an experienced performer looking to hone your improvisation skills, the diverse collection of backing tracks provides a platform for musical exploration and growth.

Change Of Key And Tempo

Backtrackit allows you to customize songs to your needs by offering key and tempo change options. With the ability to adjust the pitch, you can play your favorite songs in a comfortable range that suits your vocal skills or your instrument. Plus, the tempo change feature lets you slow down or speed up a song, making it easy to practice challenging passages or learn at your own pace.

Live Notes Mode

Backtrackit’s Live Notes mode, a unique feature that allows musicians to develop their improvisation skills. If you play along with the original backing tracks, you can see the chord progression on the guitar or piano key, with the notes of the current chord highlighted. This visual representation helps you understand the underlying structure of the music and allows you to play appropriate melodies or solos. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Live Notes mode will improve your understanding of music theory and help you create compelling improvisations.

Transcription and Music Analysis.

For those interested in delving deeper into the music they love, Backtrackit offers music transcription and analysis capabilities. This feature allows you to analyze songs, identify chords, and study their progressions. By analyzing your favorite songs, you can gain valuable information about composition techniques, harmonic structures, and arrangements. This knowledge can make an important contribution to your own musical compositions and broaden your creative horizons.

Download Backtrackit Premium APK latest version for Android

Now you can download this application from our site by clicking on the download link. Once the download process is completed, you need to install the file by clicking on the Install option.

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  3. Just click the back button.
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  5. After the timer appears, the download links will appear. Just click on the version you want, and you’re good to go.

Conclusion of Backtrackit Premium APK

Backtrackit is a comprehensive music app that helps musicians of all levels improve their skills and broaden their musical horizons. With features such as vocal and instrument isolation, key and tempo shifting, an extensive collection of high-quality backing tracks, Live Notes mode, and music transcription capabilities, Backtrackit provides an immersive and educational music experience. Whether you want to improve your improvisation skills, learn new songs, or analyze and analyze music, Backtrackit is a valuable tool to guide you on your musical journey.